Today’s is the first entry in a forthcoming series of totally lustful (and borderline inappropriate) crushes I have on other bloggers and the food that they make. 

Next week, I’m going home to Texas next week for the first time in almost a year. I haven’t taken much time off work in a long while, and it’s  becoming more than apparent that I need to. I’m pretty much at the point where I’m just going to collapse onto my mom’s couch, fall asleep for 18 hours, wake up, and make every recipe on my Pinterest board. It’s going to be a mix between a vacation and a bake-a-thon. 

So in today’s edition of blogger crush, we’ll take a closer look at some of the recipes near the top of my list. Feel free to share must-makes in the comments! This may be the only week I have the time to cook them all.

Pumpkin Cream Pie, from The Blonde Chef



Why I’m crushing: DON’T KILL ME FOR SAYING THIS, but I don’t love traditional pumpkin pie. Maybe I never really gave it a chance. I just always gravitated toward other pies since my sister would eat the whole thing by herself when we were kids (THANKS, SUSAN). Anyway, this pie is something I can really get down with. I’ll just stick my face into its light, cloud-like, pumpkin-flavored puffs and die happy. Plus, Aubrie’s photography just really makes it look amazing.

How I’ll use it: My family is all over the place this year. There’s really no telling how many Thanksgiving meals I’m about to participate in, but I’m guessing no less than three. To me, this looks like an excellent “bring to dad’s house” kind of dish. (Sorry for the spoiler, Dad.)


Beurre Noisette Crepes, from Butter and Brioche



 Why I’m crushing: When I studied abroad in France, I was a sucker for crepes on the street. I ate more crepes in four months than one should probably eat in a lifetime. Just kidding… one should eat ALL OF THE CREPES in a lifetime. Anyway, these babies kick it up a notch with BROWNED BUTTER. Have you ever had browned butter? If the answer is no, then I’m very disappointed in the way you’re living your life. Please reassess. Thank you, Thalia, for these pillowy soft pieces of heaven.

How I’ll use it: I’ll definitely make a batch of these in the three hours I’m awake before everyone else. I will then proceed to eat half of the batch by myself in a judgment-free zone. Then, when they wake up, I will lie and tell them I only made half a batch and waited for them to wake up. Because I am evil.


Cider-Bourbon Jam Cocktails, from How Sweet Eats


Why I’m crushing: JUST LOOK AT THEM! Are those not the cutest little glasses of fall you have ever seen? On a side note, I have had the world’s largest blog crush on Jessica from How Sweet Eats since I started my old blog three years ago. She’s like the cool kid of the food blogging world who you just wanna hug and follow around and be like HI CAN YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND? Except that I won’t really do that because that’s how you get yourself into a restraining order situation. So instead I’ll just drink these cute little cocktails and be happy.

How I’ll use it: I will make a personal batch of these to drink during my marathons of shitty ABC Family Christmas movies.


Classic Cinnamon Rolls, from Baker Bettie 



Why I’m crushing: The holidays are the only time I have enough patience to let anything rise. And if I’m going to make a recipe with yeast in it, it’s going to be covered in frosting. I have not made these before, but when it comes to baking, I trust Kristin’s judgment completely. I started following her work about 3 years ago when we were both first staring out, and every recipe I HAVE made from her site has been amazing.

How I’ll use it: To trick my family into liking me (and each other) on Thanksgiving morning. And to eat during the parade. Probably accompanied by the cider bourbon cocktails above, because YOLO.